Bombon (El Perro) – Argentina/ Spain – Dir: Carlos Sorin – 3/5
(This review is one of mine from the 2005 Sydney Film Festival)

This film begins with much promise, but is ultimately unsatisfying & a bit disappointing. The guys’ faces are gorgeous – particularly the lead actor (an amateur). He is so open that I was scared for him all the way through. However, a film in which the dog is the best actor is a bit of a worry.

I’m being a bit harsh – the film is really a sensitive exploration of what happens to an older man whom nobody needs. The only thing he has plenty of is time. However, the film is somewhat hijacked by the charismatic dog.  There are many different strands, and they are not all going anywhere. Too many interesting issues are raised but then not explored. Can our hero read? What happened to the little girl who couldn't talk? Etc…

Still, Bombon is lovely to look at, and explores a part of the world that is fascinating and little-filmed.