Breakfast on Pluto - rated - TEPID

Many episodes not going anywhere much

There are 5 good reasons to see this film:
  1. The amazing performance by Cillian Murphy as the cross-dressing heroine, Patrick Braden (aka Kitten)
  2. The fact that the film is directed by Neil Jordan
  3. The great supporting cast, including Liam Neeson, Stephen Rea and Bryan Ferry(!)
  4. The fact that it is based on the book by Pat McCabe (The Butcher Boy, 1997)
  5. A terrific 70s pop soundtrack.
So why is it that I didn't like it much?

I guess I didn't believe in the character of Kitten.  So strong, so resilient, so sure of herself.

The structure of the film, too, is a problem. 35 chapters, each named, tend to interrupt the flow of the film, even as they make it seem like the many chapters in a novel by Dickens, which the story does resemble, in a way.

And then there were the talking robins!  A real mis-step from Mr Jordan.  Were they meant to look so false?