The Good, the Bad and the Ugly ( 1966, Sergio Leone) – HOT! HOT! HOT!

These are just a few rough impressions:
It begins with a great (and famous) opening sequence – there’s a long period of silence until a man asks Lee Van Cleef about Baker. But just before that a mobile phone rang in the theatre!

The film is beautifully episodic, emphasized by Morricone’s music,
There’s astoundingly authentic period detail - superb costumes. Huge attention has been paid to the sound design: there’s a great use of silence (and marching noises).  There’s a  notable sequence where  Clint is being sneaked up on by 3 men with spurs & the troops stop marching & so stop masking the sound.  There’s also a great device in the hunt of following cigars until one gets lit.

A scene with maudlin music counterpoints the torture of Tuco by Angel Eyes & the Sergeant.

“When you are going to shoot, don’t talk - shoot.”  Too true!

I love the scene when they reach the cemetery & it goes on for a mile & Eli Wallach runs all over it like a girl - strangely in character because he wears jewellery, carries a parasol & tales a scented bath.

The last ‘pasa doble’ on the salt pan - like  dressage – with the Spanish horses & magnificent music from Morricone.

Angel Eyes slips into his own grave, and then Clint sensibly shoots him 3 more times.  He doesn’t leave it to chance!

“In this world there are 2 kinds of people. Those with loaded guns & those who dig.”
“There's no name on it.” “There’s no name here either.”
Then the money. Then the noose.

A classic.