In and Out - Rated - Tepid

There's a lot to like about this film. But there's also a lot not to like.

I like:

    * Kevin Kline's performance - particularly his dancing.
    * Joan Cusak's performance, and her character altogether.
    * Debbie Reynolds as an older mum (but she still gets to show off her legs).
    * A lot of the jokes.
    * The tone of the film - it seems to walk a fine line on a tricky subject, and mostly it doesn't misstep.

I don't like:

    * The unexpected twist.
    * The way an interesting issue about the grey areas of sexuality is suddenly transformed into a black- or-white issue.
    * The way the ending cops out.

I'm disappointed, because I thought the film really was going to cover some new ground. It didn't really. In fact, all it did was remind me of what a good film The Sum of Us was.